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Introduction of the company

The HFP-K Machine Tools Manufacturing, Service and Trading Company Ltd. has been established from the lead mechanics and engineers of the former Csepel Machine Tool Company in 1993.
The managers and the employees of the company have experience of many decades in producing, putting into the operation and service of CNC manufacturing cells, CNC machining centres, CNC milling machines and lathes.

The main activities of the HFP-K Kft are as follows:
  • Renovation and modernization of machine tools.
    Full mechanical and electrical renovation, replacement of the old NC and CNC controls, PC replacement
  • CNC machine tools transfer.
    Condition assessment, disassembly, transport, assembly, putting into operation according to the original condition.
  • Full-scale service of machine tools.
    Beginning with the repairs within 24 hours (in Hungary). Repairing machine tools also abroad.
  • Purchasing of used machine tools, selling after renovation and modernization with guarantee.
Number of employees:31 persons.
Command of a languages:English, German
Park:II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 195-197.
1214 Budapest, Hungary
(Office and work halls with crane)
Tel.: +36 (1) 425-2186
+36 (30) 9522-529
+36 (30) 9522-547
Fax:+36 (1) 425-2186